Monday, April 21, 2008

New Friday Night Tradition

We seem to be starting a new Friday night tradition at our house. Well, for the past two weeks anyway.

It's Pizza and Movie Night!

We splurge and go for the $5 pizzas at Little Caeser's, then run across the street to pick up a free movie from Redbox.

Did you catch that?

FREE movie from Redbox and it's totally legit! If you're new to the whole Redbox thing like I was, here is the lowdown.

Redbox lets you rent movies for $1 a day. But you have to return them by 9pm the next night. But redbox gives out free codes for movie rentals all the time. You can get current redbox codes here. {Handy tip: Take more than one redbox code with you because sometimes they don't work}

I suspect they make up the money with late fees if you don't return them on time. I'm sure it happens all the time. But still a late fee of $1 is still cheaper than a movie from Blockbuster.

The cool thing too is that you can return them to any Redbox you feel like, not just the one you rented it from. Makes it easy to go drop them off anywhere along your merry little way!

How cool is that? Dinner and a movie for $5!


Eliza said...

That's awesome... I always wait until Top Hat Video has the sixty cent rental but FREE is much better! Thanks for the tip.

The CFO Now said...

Yes its awesome! You should give it a try!