Sunday, April 6, 2008

Be Flexible

I'm trying to learn the lessons from Coupon Mom and The Ultimate Cheapskate, and it seems they both say not to be too brand specific. Give the store brands or the generics a try, try the food from the dollar store before you write it off as not an option for you.

It got me thinking~~Am I a brand snob? I do think of myself as being pretty flexible most of the time. I buy generics if they're cheaper and most of the time don't really notice the difference in taste or quality.

But some things I am definately a snob on because they're the only products that work really well for me. I buy a certain deodorant because the others don't work on me. I buy a certain hairspray {luckily an inexpensive one} because the others don't hold the style in for very long on my poor finicky hair.

In this case, I think its ok to be a snob because I have tried the others and found they don't work. If I bought the others just because they were a good deal, but they don't work for me and I never end up using them, then thats a waste of money. And I AM willing to try other brands in other areas.

What about you? Are you brand specific? Are you willing to try new brands?

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