Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joseph's Little Overcoat

This is such a cute book that really teaches an important lesson that I believe we have forgotten in our fast paced disposable product world.

The story of Joseph's Little Overcoat starts out with Joseph in an old and worn coat that he salvages and turns into a jacket, then a vest and then without giving away the whole story, a few more things. Just when I thought it couldn't be turned into anything else, it was!

Read it--it's cute and has a funny ending. Plus some great lessons in frugality we could all benefit from.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What else?!

It just keeps getting worse! What else are we going to add to this complicated mess???

Do you ever wonder how the lens of history will look back at us during this time? Do you ever wonder if your children or grandchildren will be assigned to interview you for school about how it was?

Letting It All Hang Out

A lot of people say how much line drying their clothes can save you money. I do like the smell of line dried clothing but sometimes it is just so easy to just throw it in the dryer instead. Besides, they are a lot softer that way.

But if you're still trying to save some money in the budget, it is something to consider. There are lots of items that can help you set up the right system for yourself.

*Retractable lines
*Umbrella lines
*Pulley systems
*Racks that pull down or fold up flat
*Extra shower rods hung in the bathroom or anywhere they will fit
*Even the back of a chair will work

But if you're new to this, then the following will offer you some practical tips you won't want to miss:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

It may seem like Christmas is still far away, but I've learned if you're frugal, you will start way in advance and it won't break your pocket book.

Here is a fun idea if you have grade school children that want to make a present for a younger sibling. The Lowes Build and Grow Clinic has a fun little firetruck project coming up {and it's free!}. Today they had a pirate ship. So don't forget to check these free clinics out for fun little homemade gifts!