Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting Organized

Last night I was having so much fun getting my finances organized!

First I listed all my expenses, and the order they need to be paid in (I've done this one for a few months now and it has been super helpful in keeping me on track and paying on time) using these worksheets from No Credit Needed.

Then last night I made my own Net Worth Calculator, then did some comparisons with Dave Ramsey's online Gazelle Budget Lite and realized that my spending in certain categories is all out of whack and that my net worth isn't anywhere near where I want it to be.

This also helped me realize that I should probably get going on some alternate income streams sooner rather than later. Hopefully I will have a brainstorming session on that this weekend.

It will be much easier now to set goals and see my progress. And I now have some nifty spreadsheets and figures to back me up when I talk to my husband about our situation.

It feels good to get organized!

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