Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stop Throwing Away Your Money!

I need a new mop. I've been using the WetJet but I ran out of the disposable pads. Which has been driving me crazy for like, forever! I hate that companies make products so that you have to keep buying. It's great for them, but not necessarily for my pocketbook!

So! I've decided that instead of buying new refills, and disposable pads for my mop, I am going to buy a similar mop that uses washable cleaning pads instead and an easily refillable {by myself! not by buying a new bottle of stuff!} solution thingy. Or I could forego that altogether and just go with a mop with washable pads and just pour my own solution {by hand} on the floor instead!

And I've been thinking. What other disposable type products can I switch from to save a little bit of money?

  • Ziploc baggies can be washed and re-used {unless they've had raw meat in them}
  • Dryer balls can be used again and again instead of buying dryer sheets
  • I've even been considering trying to make my own Clorox type cleanups with washable fabric {old tshirts or towels anyone?} instead of throw away type paper towel sheets
  • Some people even go so far as using washable feminine products and toilet papers {not sure I can go that far! eek!}

So are you ready for a challenge? During the month of June I will be giving up and transferring from some of my old throw away methods and trying to switch to better methods. I challenge you to do the same. Pick one or two items you think you can switch. I will be doing a few posts throughout the month on this too to hopefully give you a few more ideas.

And during this whole process hopefully we can re-gain a little more of our hard earned cash instead of throwing it away on disposables.


anna jo said...

we've been washing out our ziploc baggies forever now. it saves so much money because we never have to buy new ones.

we also don't use paper towels for anything. I cut up a dish cloth and hemmed the sides to use as napkins, and if ever there is a spill we just wipe it up with dish cloths or dish rags anyway.

and yes, I've read a lot about going toilet paperless on this guys blog: I don't know if I'm ready for that quite yet (though people do say that if you use water like a beday type thing it's quite cleaner than the wipe method) and as far as feminine products you can make your own "pad" out of layers of old cloth, I think. or just use the diva cup! check it out HERE

The CFO Now said...

Well, you're ahead of most people Anna! But like I said, I'm not ready to do TP or feminine products.