Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gearing Up For Garage Sale Season

This year I'm going to try something new. Garage sales. I really don't see the fun in it like some people do. I've even been a few times with some of my friends.

But this year I've decided if I can get some of the things I'm looking for that is cheaper and helping it stay away from the landfill, then I'm all for that so bring it on!

This little tutorial so to speak by Northern Cheapskate was quite helpful to me so that I can be nice and organized when we hit the sales this summer.

Some of the things I will be on the lookout for?
  • Flintstones car (you know, the orange and yellow ones that have the steering wheel and the floor section open where the kids can make it move with their feet?)
  • Small slide play thing for the backyard
  • Booster seat for the kitchen table
  • Clothes for the Mini's (I have specifics all written down for what we need)
  • Canning jars and equipment

So there you go! Anyone else have things they're on the lookout for? I had this thought that we could swap lists (if you're Wasatch Front local) and if I find something you're looking for, and vice versa, we would be able to cover more sales (with less gas!) and get what we want! If you're interested, let me know!

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