Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dave Ramsey

Last weekend I got to spend two days with Dave Ramsey. First to his Business Coach Live, then the next day to The Total Money Makeover event.

At first I wondered if it would be worth the money to go hear him speak in person when I can just listen to him on the radio. But it was sooo fun!

I mean it is all common sense stuff you already know you should be doing but going to the live event really pumps you up and strengthens your resolve to win with your money!

We decided to sign up for Financial Peace University because even though we've been listening to Dave for years now on the radio, it would be nice to have a support group of like minded people we can be more accountable to.

So I highly recommend attending a live event if he ever comes to your city! It was really fun and worth spending the money to go!

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