Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ditching Disposables #4

Bums at our house really like the nice soft Charmin and now that I'm paying attention to how much things cost, I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you! that the two {count them, TWO} packages I bought last week came to $27 freaking dollars!

Yes they were the larger packages, double roll, super strong, bla, bla, bla. But still!

Hardcore people may elect to go with washable fabric strips for TP and femine hygiene solutions. Or even go with the bidet type solution with the perinatal spray bottles that you use after you have a baby.

That may creep out some people and I understand completely--trust me, I do! Certain bums at my house are not willing to give up the nice soft Charmin comforts either.

But some people, who are among the washable diaper crowd for instance {hey! Another disposable to ditch!} would probably have no problems with it since they already know how and are comfortable with washing soiled linens of this nature.

It may not be for everyone, or maybe its only for a few people in your house instead of all, but even if you pay attention and learn to use less, it will still help your budget.

So, just something to think about...these are just ideas and thats all I'm saying!


Hot Shauna said...

Hi becca,
At sams club toilet paper is much cheaper.

The CFO Now said...

But is it the same Charmin? We have picky bums at our house! But thanks for the tip, I will have to go check it out!