Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ditching Disposables #2

Well, I did it! I ditched my WetJet. At first we were going to try and do a clever hack on it to make it work with a piece of a cut up old towel and an old shoe lace like this:

With a hole drilled in the top of the solution bottle and plugged with a piece of cork like this {because they don't make the bottles so you can unscrew them}:

But in the end, though that would have been fun to do {and I still might try it since I haven't totally gotten rid of the thing yet}, I went with the oMop from the Method line at Target, with nice soft {and washable} microfiber cloths and a lovely {if you can call it that} spray bottle to wet the floor with.

Buh-bye disposable wash pads and solution bottles!

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