Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ditching Disposables #3

Another easy disposable to ditch are plastic baggies. Basically I just wash and reuse them. Though I'm sure there are plenty of methods out there, here's how I do it:

1. Squirt some dish soap into the baggie.
2. Zip it shut.
3. Start rubbing, scrubbing and scrunching it together to spread the dish soap all over.
4. Open the bag and put a little bit of hot water in.
5. Zip it shut again.
6. Swish, rub and scrub it all over.
7. Open and rinse it thoroughly with hot water.

The drying part used to always throw me for a loop. I would try and prop them open on the countertop to dry, but they would always deflate and not dry very well. Then one day I found a Bag Dryer that will prop it open to air dry. Brilliant!

They run around $20 or so, but it would be easy to create your own DIY Bag Dryer with a flowerpot filled with beans and small round dowels, chopsticks or whatever you have.

I use my plastic baggies for lots of things and I don't like having to constantly be buying them. By rinsing and re-using I can prolong the life of them for a long, long time. The only ones I throw away after use are the ones that held raw meat or anything seriously bacteria prone.

It's just another simple way to save money instead of throwing it away!

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