Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Background

I pay the bills at our house. Dh gets a general overview of where we are at, then leaves me to handle the rest because he is very busy out earning the money for us. We used to use Quicken to automatically pay our bills through our bank. But then they upgraded some stuff and I didn’t like it anymore so we stopped doing that.

I liked physically writing the checks. I felt like I had a better handle on where the money was going that way. With the auto pay, I felt largely removed from the whole process. It was painless, the bills just went out and got paid and we basically forgot about them because we knew they were getting paid on time etc.

Then writing the checks got old. And I would put it off and put it off, {with good intentions of course} and all of a sudden things were getting paid late, or getting forgotten about.

Yeah, I wasn’t paying the bills. Not because we didn’t have the money to pay them, but because of my laziness and disorganization. And I knew things had to change. But it took me a while to truly get organized, to face my problems, and to figure out exactly where we were standing in regards to our finances.

At this same time, we were making more money than we ever had before. Our savings account was HUGE! I could have gone out and paid for a brand new spanking car IN CASH. And I realized I really liked having money in my account. And a lot of it! And I wanted more.

This is when I had my epiphany about my money~~about how I was the one in charge of it. And I could go blow it on stupid things, or make it grow and put us in an even better financial situation.
I choose the latter. I like the feeling of financial security. I want a better financial situation.

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