Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Do you realize how many hours it will take you to work to pay for things? Try out this handy dandy little calculator. It is really eye opening. Useful if you're going to be purchasing or financing something--it might just make you think twice about where your financial priorities are.


Here is a simplistic example. Let's say you earn $10/hr and decide to go eat out at a restaurant that costs you $20. It will cost you two hours of work just to pay for that dinner.

Now imagine if you could figure out how many hours it will cost you to buy that hot new pair of shoes, new little trinket of junk or that new car you've been eyeing. I imagine that you will start to determine that some things aren't worth your hard earned time and money.

Try it out and start thinking in terms of your time and see if it doesn't give you a different perspective too.

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