Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cancelling the Cable

Cable costs a pretty penny. I spend about $100/month not for the sports packages [which is a rip off if you ask me] but for the children's programming [which is also a rip off] that my toddler is addicted to.

But $100/month adds up. According to CancelCable.com, it's like buying a new 50" tv each year and tossing it in the dumpster. Yikes! But you can cancel your cable and still watch most of your favorite shows for free from various other sources which CancelCable can teach you about.

Seriously, head on over and just think about it. And think about what else that money could be doing for you instead if you invested it instead of throwing it down the drain.


Paul said...

I can watch any basically any game I want online for free. Well, I pay for the internet, so I guess it's not totally free. I can watch anything broadcast on abc/espn via espn360.com which is included in my internet package. I watch other games via other sources, it's probably illegal but is much different than going over to my friends house to watch the game?

Chile said...

We cancelled out cable about, oh my gosh, 7 years ago. Got rid of the TV shortly after that and did without until a year and a half ago when a friend gave me her tiny old TV when she moved. We only get broadcast and try not to watch too much. I'd rather surf the 'net anyway... :)