Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Out of Debt!!!

Just a quick note to say that I sent off the last of my debt payments yesterday! I'm debt free except for the house! No credit cards, no car payments, no anything! Consumer debt is gone! Hip, hip! I want to call into the Dave Ramsey show now!

I really should be feeling more ecstatic about the whole thing but really I'm feeling a little unsettled by it. Why? Because I used a bunch of our savings to do it and I don't like the feeling of my somewhat depleted savings account now. Sure I still have some money in savings and I can build my savings back up rapidly now that I'm not sending off money to my creditors each month, but still...it's a security thing for me, you know!


Paul said...

That's really cool. I'm way jealous. We keep falling more and more into debt via student loans everyday :( It's quite unsettling and Dave Ramsey would think I'm an idiot to do what we do, but although he probably thinks otherwise I feel we really don't have any other choice, but enough about us...congrats on being debt free. Good job.

Eliza said...

YOUR DEBT FREE!!!!! ...and yes, I'm shouting at you because it's that awesome. Good work you guys! :)

The Taylors said...

YIPEEEE!!! That must feel so good! Congrats! One day we'll be screaming that too...it might take us awhile, but we'll get there!