Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Hopeful Side Benefit To My Goal

Not only will my fully stocked food storage pantry help with my grocery budget, but I sincerely hope it will mean better lunches for my husband to take to work so that he doesn't eat out as much as he has been.

He spends over $250/month just on eating out. Which would mean an even greater savings on our overall budget since those meals aren't planned into my regular grocery budget.

He does have a job that tends to take him all over the place in the afternoons and evenings and so he frequently hits the drive-in in between appointments, but I'm hoping to find some solutions for that which will hopefully be acceptable to him still. Eating out is just waaaayyyy too expensive and it adds up so quickly and I'd much rather put that money to other places right now.

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anna jo said...

and not to mention that eating out is like crap for your body! very expensive crap.

can't wait to hear about your grocery budget/food storage adventure!