Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Line Drying

Even though I have an energy efficient washer and dryer, I keep thinking how my energy audit pointed out that it uses up about 15% of my energy costs. Then I read this post about line drying your sheets in sub-zero weather [with instructions on how to do it] and how yummy they smell that just really makes me want to try it.

I've been eyeing the above clothes rack for the side of my house that I've dubbed the utility side of my house. It's where the garbage can is, where our utility trailer lives when it's not hauling things around, is right off the garage door near my laundry room and has a nice solid fence to help hide things from the neighbors. It seems like a good spot to hang out laundry to me and that particular rack can fold down against the house when not in use.

Unfortunately I don't think my husband is on board for this type of project yet and I'm not sure he'd like me drilling holes into the side of the house for something like that. So I'm thinking of rigging up some cheaper, less conspicous options for now. There are a whole bunch of other drying options here if you're interested.

I'll let you know how those sheets turn out!

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